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How Does The Live Pages Technology Work?

Here is how our Live Pages web design and the Live Pages website functions.

In Live Pages we convert still images into user control live manipulative pictures. We transform still pictures of any household products to user control Live Demo and try out products by simply using the mouse.

The Live Pages website is a marketing tool that works on all Internet Browsers. The primary reason why we developed this software is to allow Internet users and shoppers demo products as they browse the pages.

Please note that Live Page websites are not an automatic mouse pointer demo that goes on clicking all over the screen and before you can grab every thing, the demo is over.

Unlike any other demos such as video clips, flash, etc. our Live Pages web design websites are user control live demo in real time by using your mouse. The software based on high-speed application. This means you do not waste time on download to use this program. Furthermore, you do not need any plug-ins.

To produce a Live Page we will carefully simulate all the individual component parts of a product and make it work almost like the real thing.

When you view a Live Page, you will have full control of the demo program. In the page that you are viewing all the components of the product are live images. You have to use your mouse pointer and click to trigger the component parts for the functions to operate on the screen.

Live Demo Pages lets you:

    1. See various aspects of the component parts of the product.
    2. See how the product works.
    3. Hear how the product sounds.
    4. See and demo the functions of a product by using the Mouse.
    5. Convert still photos, graphics to live manipulative and active images.
    6. Live Pages websites are command functionality.