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The Consortium of UK Web Designers

The Bosses and Business People's Union

The Consortium of UK Web Designers is setup to help UK web designers to create new clients.

Fellow webmasters, everyone in the web design business need continuous flow of clients year after year. For this reason why we formed the Consortium of UK Web Designers.

Unlike other organisations and associations, this consortium is setup to create clients for all the members. There are two groups of members. Free member group and paid member group. Of course, the paid members will get more clients than the free members.

In order to create clients for the consortium members we will advertise and offer free web design to the UK businesses. The free clients are the hot leads that we will pass on to you. The success of converting free clients to paying clients depends upon how well you designed their websites. When you signup to join the Consortium of UK Web Designers you agree to undertake and give your full commitments to your clients.

The Consortium of UK Web Designers will help all businesses in the United Kingdom with web presence. There hundreds of thousands of businesses do not have websites. If you are a professional web designer, you are in the position to help them with start-up web presence. By helping, them there are many good reasons that you in turn will benefit. When you are a member, we will introduce clients to you. If you are in the free member group, you will get five free web design clients for every one paying client (5 to 1). If you are in the paid members group, you will get up to five free web design clients and five paying clients.

You may join the Consortium as a free member to start with and upgrade to paid member when we pass on your first paying client.

There is no commission fee to pay. However, there is a small cost for annual membership fee of £250.00 for the paid member. This money is be used on national advertising and the administrative running cost the Consortium of UK Web Designers.

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